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angelic_shimmer's Journal

14 September
7th heaven, aaliyah, abercrombie & fitch, accessories, advice, aesthetics, alicia keys, american idol, american pie, american pie 2, angels, babies, balloons, beaches, beauty, being a princess, bet, birds, birthdays, blow, bubble baths, bubbles, camping, candles, candy, celebrities, cherries, chococat, christmas, cinderella, clothes, clueless, college, concerts, cosmopolitan, cucumbers, current affairs, cute things, debates, e-mails, education, fairy tales, faith, fashion, fate, fitness, flowers, friends, friendships, guess, hair, hearts, hello kitty, history, holidays, ice cream, italian food, jacob annexe, jennifer lopez, journals, kiss 92, kittens, la senza, lace, ladybugs, laughing, legally blonde, letters, lifehouse, lilies, lollipops, love stories, mac cosmetics, magazines, makeup, memento, movies, mtv, muchmusic, music, my boyfriend, my melody, n sync, nailpolish, nelly, ocean, old navy, optimism, outdoors, parasuco, peanut butter, penpals, phones, photo booths, photography, pictures, pink, pochacco, poetry, pop culture, popcorn, powerpuff girls, precious moments, prolife, puppies, quotes, rainbow brite, rainbows, ralph lauren, reading, reese witherspoon, ricki lake, rings, roses, salons, sanrio, scrapbooks, scrubs, sea shells, shopping, sleeping, smiles, soccer, sparkles, spas, st. lunatics, stars, strawberries, strawberry shortcake, stuffed animals, summer, sunflowers, sunshine, teaching, teddy bears, the 80s, the simpsons, theatre, thunderstorms, toe rings, trading spaces, travel, tropical skittles, university, vanilla, walks